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I don't use this vote page to choose coins to add now. It very slow. While you will vote, coin become not profitable already. I'll add here some old and stables coin to choose between them.

But, I check your suggestions, so you still can suggest coins to me by this page.

You can suggest and vote for new coins here. Please suggest coins who traded on 2-3 exchangers and it's profitable. You can caltulate profitability using calculater bellow. Enter average block reward, price and average difficulty. Should be more, then, 0.010 BTC/day with 1000Khash. Only Scrypt algorhitm.

You can vote once every hour for one coin! Please, vote only for coins you really like and trust developers.
If coin will be added - you'll trade it every day. :)

Top coins from this page will be added every 2-3 days.

Ticker Coin Name Votes
DNote DNotes 1531
WATER CleanWaterCoin 1112

Sumbit new coin (premoderated)

If you find profitable coin - send it to me using this form.



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