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Getting Started

Our stratum servers:

EU-Germany: stratum+tcp://[PORT]
USA-East: stratum+tcp://[PORT]
USA+CANADA: stratum+tcp://[PORT]
China: stratum+tcp://[PORT]
Singapore: stratum+tcp://[PORT]
Brazil: stratum+tcp://[PORT]
(port number depend from hashing algorhitm).

Port depend from hashing algorhitm:

1111 - Scrypt
2222 - Scrypt-N
3333 - X11

1. Login or Create account. It's easy. Don't needed e-mail confirmation.

2. If you don't have Workers - create it at Workers page.

3. Plug in your Coin's Wallet Address you want to mine and desired Automatic Payout threshold. You can get address, when download and install particular coin Wallet, or you can get Deposit account directly in Exchange services and use it to receive payments.

4. Choose Coins you want to mine. You can find all coins at Main page. You can sort table by any column. Just click header.

5. Configure your workers to mine nedded coin. Just click it at Easy Switch section on Workers page. Before your connect you should select coins from algorithm you want to mine. After coin select, you can Turn ON automatic coin switch and your worker will be switching to most profitable coin inside one algorithm.
You can't switch to coins from different algorithms (every algorithm needed specific mining programm) and you can't connect to particular port, if you choose to mine coin from another algorithm for particular worker. It's good decision to create several workers, one for different algorithm and use this worker for particular mining programm.

5.1 You can create Coin Set for every worker from favorite coins. Switcher will switch your worker to most profitable coin from your CoinSet (only inside one algorithm). If you want to switch between any active coins - don't use Coin Sets.

5.2 You can create coin's Difficulty Set for every worker. Switcher will switch your worker to most profitable coin only inside Difficuly Set range This is not your worker's share difficulty, but coins difficulty. If switcher will not find any coin inside your Difficulty range, worker will not switch.

6. Connect your miners to any of our stratum servers. Our service use single connection for all mined coins with same hashing algorithm. You can change coins you currently mine at Workers page or from Dashboard (Switch button in the table).
Set your created Worker name as Username and use Password - x (you can use any password).

6.1. If you want swith coin with some external program what changes pools, you can create several workers (For ex. WorkerSXC, WorkerMEM, WorkerEAC) and configure several pools in your porgam with single URL and different Usernames (Workers).

6.2. If you have several computers and don't want to get separate statistics - you can use single Worker name for every mined computer.

6.3. If you have high hashrate you can set higher start difficulty. Use password field in your mining program. Enter, for example, diff=2000 and your difficulty will be start from 2000.

7.Check your mined amount at Transactions page. Button "Mining transactions" should be chosen. You can filter transactions by Coins and Worker names. Also you can group your transaction by Days or Hours if you want to check accumulated and average profit values.

8.When you'll mine more than Payout amound entered, your coins will be paid to the entered Address. You can check your payouts at Transactions page. Button "Payment transactions" should be chosen. You can filter transactions by Accounts and Payment date. You can use shows TxID to check your payment with any Block Explorer for particular Coin.



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