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Unique single connection for all coins
With our pool you can manage your workers from our website! You don't to change anything at your mining rig to switch coins now. Just click it's icon at Workers setup page!

Fast and Stable work
I have about 10 years experience as a programmer and server administrator. The server software has been optimized for maximum security and performance.

Maximum Uptime
We use a stable Xeon server that runs with a minimum of additional services. Network bandwidth is 1Gbit with a direction connection to main EU up-streams. Sure, the service will have problems under a large DDOS-attack, but I have a lot of experience with DDOS-protection and do my best to minimize its effect should it ever occur.

Maximum Security
The service works as a dedicated server and does not have any control panels installed � making it nothing to hack. The Wink Server pool doesn�t even have an administrator�s control panel. All monitoring and service is provided with direct access to databases. All pool code has been checked for security and vulnerability and your coins are safe so long as you have your password and PIN secured.
2-Step Authentication will be added soon as an option � but the best security is always to regularly withdraw your funds.

Simple Interface and only Needed Information
My main goal is to provide a quality mining service for users. This is possible only with smooth and simple mining processes. So, I don�t overload the user interface with blinking graphics and interactivity. But you still get important information such as your balance, the pool�s mined blocks, coin profitability and your mining reward. You also always get all information about your funded mining rewards, fees and paid withdrawals with TxID information.

Multiple Coins
With CoinMine you can mine several coins in one place. At the moment we have about a dozen coins, but many more will be added. We are ready for your suggestions!

One Registration for All Coins
You only need to register one account for all our available coins. Registration is very simple. I don�t use any e-mail confirmations. You can also register one worker with any name for all the coins. We have workers with the name �1� and it�s not a problem. Of course you can register several workers for your rigs if you want. You can filter mining transactions by workers name to get more specific statistic information.

PPL(Time)S - Pay for Shares last 10 Minutes.
Classic pool software that most pools use was developed for BTC with 10 minutes block time. This means it uses this time between blocks to calculate your block reward. For many new coins the next block can usually be found in several seconds. If you� don�t hurry and send any shares during this time you will get nothing for found blocks.

My pool does not use the last block time to determine last shares. It has a 10 minute window to determine reward proportions and make sure you�re paid correctly. It counts all the shares of the last 10 minutes for a particular coin, then your shares for that amount of time, and credits your reward for the block equal to your counted shares for that time period (depending on your workers difficulty of course).

Fast Coin Change When you switch to another coin inside CoinMine you get your full hash power for the new coin instantly. It counts all the shares sent (including the previous pool) in the last 10 minutes. Of course you stop get any reward for last coin.

Mining transactions history grouping In the mining transactions window you can accumulate your mined amounts by hours or by days. So if you have mined coins over a period of several days you can easily check how many you received by day or by hour.

Profitability Information
You can check the profitability of our mined coins on the index page. Profitability is based on Cryptsy�s median weighted close price current day

(High + Low + 3*Close) / 5.
API is available.

Stratum protocol
Our pool ONLY uses the Stratum protocol. It's quick, effective and environmentally friendly. ;)

VAR Difficulty supports variable difficulty for every worker and is optimized for the current coin. This means you will get the optimal ratio between speed and network bandwidth. Also, with a 10 minute share window, there is no reason to send any (useless) shares in order to get every block. It is much better to try to work longer and more efficiently to have a chance at finding a really useful share that solves the block.

Block Finder BONUS
The block finder doesn�t have to pay mining fees! There is no reason to pay bonuses to the finder of the block, because to make up for it other miners will get fewer rewards. While finding a block is not an achievement (it�s probability) it is a good deal for the pool and everyone involved, so you don�t have to pay any mining fees.

Automatic Payouts Every 5 Minutes
Enter your payout ratio and account, turn your workers on and forget about our site as we can handle all the payouts (Joking � don�t forget us)

No payout fees!
I don�t charge any payout fees. Most alt-coins don�t require any fees for payments so there is no reason to charge it to you. If any fees happen they will be paid myself from the mining fee.

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